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Fancy Surprise!

30 Jan

fancy freehand

Rarely do I get to “surf the net”.  But found a great surprise last month with pics of my FANCY THAT pattern.  These two are from a long-arm quilter named Linda.  She did quilting for 2 ladies she met at  RAINBOWS AND CALICO THINGS quilt retreat.  Linda’s quilting is so lovely – had to share with you all.   And RAINBOWS AND CALICO THINGS shop is a treasure, as they have sold so very many of FANCY THAT pattern.   Check out more of what Miss Linda is up to:   www.lrdesignsquilting.comn     And look in on RAINBOWS AND CALICO THINGS

Fancy That by Ellen



12 Nov

FLAG   To all veterans, past and present:  God bless you always.  Because of you, we all have precious freedoms.  Sincerest thanks.

We got a new flag pole – found just the right spot – isn’t she beautiful!

2013 FALL

Conditions just right for SPECTACULAR fall colors this year!   What a joy to take in this October / Nov in Kansas!


  Couldn’t resist a bit of Halloween fun on the job!